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1, 2 and 3 Bedroom Apartments in Evans, GA

Ansley at Town Center offers beautifully designed 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments in Evans that are garden style homes. We pride ourselves on floor plans that maximize space without sacrificing design.

Featured Floor Plans

The Piedmont

1 Bedroom
1.0 Bath
643 Sqft
Ansley_town_center_piedmont_-_3d_for_web85ffdc70998365a752d6385eed82526c View Floor Plan Check Availability >

The Highland

1 Bedroom
1.0 Bath
751 Sqft
Ansley_town_center_highland_-_3d_for_webaee89c8e1bc6fc264b46239cbf996717 View Floor Plan Check Availability >

The Windsor

1 Bedroom
1.0 Bath
805 Sqft
Ansley_town_center_windsor_-_3d_for_web31e88ab823a30ed50edc0cca42266625 View Floor Plan Check Availability >

The Habersham

1 Bedroom
1.0 Bath
943 Sqft
Ansley_town_center_habersham_-_3d_for_web2e344cf7f682ee63db983b49f8e3ac6f View Floor Plan Check Availability >

The Juniper

2 Bedroom
2.0 Bath
1025 Sqft
Ansely_town_center_juniper_-_3d_for_web683cad82a5b880792d0bba223a2373f1 View Floor Plan Check Availability >

The Ashford

3 Bedroom
2.0 Bath
1277 Sqft
Ansely-town-center_ashford---3d-for-web0854fbac4f6067c1b13dec99c7860999 View Floor Plan Check Availability >


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Our one bedroom, one bathroom apartments range from an efficient 643 square feet to 943 square feet. This space efficient layout features high ceilings, natural light, and gourmet kitchens that compliment this garden style home beautifully.

At 1025 square feet, our two bedroom, two bathroom Luxury apartment home features a beautiful layout that maximizes space and storage. The amenities available for our one bedroom models are also available here, as well as a large master bathroom with soaking tub.

For those with families or roommates, our three bedroom, two bathroom apartment home is the size of a small house. At 1277 square feet, and is the largest of our units. This spacious floor plan is perfect for those that need extra living space, and the layout maximizes privacy.

Please view the Ansley at Town Center photo gallery to see our Luxury interiors, as well as the many other amenities we have to offer.